În spatele cuvintelor mă aflu eu. Şi îmi place!

În spatele altor cuvinte eşti tu şi restul şi aşa mai departe ... Stăm în spate pentru că în faţă este prea multă lumină şi nu toţi arătăm bine dezbrăcaţi.


sâmbătă, 18 septembrie 2010

T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U.

Went outside today. Started raining, had no umbrella. THANK YOU. Arrived at the bus stop, people cutting in front of the line. Missed bus. THANK YOU. Going to the supermarket, walking aimlessly through the isles. Finding the last batch of eggs, loosing it to some freaky kid with piercings. THANK YOU. Standing for almost half an hour at the cash register, listening to a life threatening long conversation on males and their predisposed incapability to commit. Ate a chocolate bar, ruined my diet. THANK YOU. Got back at the office, got stuck with ten cubicle guys in the elevator, got marinated in sweat, got off the elevator. Avoided the boss until I found a clean t-shirt, promotion talk next year. THANK YOU. 1 Chopsticks, 1 noodles, 1 salt, 1 pepper, 1 plastic fork, 0 sweet-sour duck, 0 chicken strips, 0 time, 0 money. What were the odds?? going hungry. THANK YOU. Getting in the cab, reaching a traffic jam, listening to the cab driver church music CD, realizing that he kind of looks like the guy they were talking last night on the news. Freaking out for a moment, accepting fate. Not paying attention, taking the long way around, huge cab bill. THANK YOU. Arriving at the restaurant, seeing the date, wanting to go back, going to freshen up. Being angry for the blind date set up by mom, stabbing myself in the eye with the mascara brush, going blind at the blind date. Having dinner, full course, desert, coffee included, listening to the fascinating saga of the lost wallet, paying for everything. THANK YOU. Waiting in front of the club, cursing the cold, cursing the guy that sent me to the other guy that sold me the fake bag behind the alley on the west corner next to the old building. Having no clue. Hating the waiting, the friends that are always late because they have interesting and fulfilling lives, hating the Butch type bouncer that keeps staring at me through those tacky gold frame sun glasses even though is pitch black outside!! Wanting to go in, being too late. THANK YOU. Drinking. Opening one bottle, one bottle …one… bottle, crazy amount of empty sad depressed lonely suicidal opened bottles. Staring at the door knob, confused about its purpose in life, wanting to give it a broader perspective, throwing it out the window. Blaming karma. THANK YOU. Felt like dancing. Trying to get up, mumbling something about gravity being the key factor in the development of the furniture business and home appliances, the height of each person being the only high risk variable. Looking at my feet, blaming dad for the too long stuff and mom for everything else. THANK YOU. Waking up, staring at the ceiling for an hour counting the imperfections. Picturing life in grey and pink… picturing the old, the gone and the lost along the way ones. Screening the calls, message inbox: empty. THANK YOU. Outside. Reaching the bus stop, disappearing in the rain drops, getting lost in the light, in the day, in the crowd…...looking up, seeing a smile, receiving an umbrella. Smiling.

Thank you!

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